The state of how the Internet and tech are changing the marketing landscape is unparalleled.

The pace of innovation in marketing technology is at an all-time high. Gone are the days of the madmen.

Technology is core for any business to succeed today.

The entire marketing industry is going through a transformation, what we are doing in marketing today, and what we will do moving forward is going to be technology-enabled and technology-led.

Gone are the days of making decisions in the old way by a gut feeling, like in the TV show Mad Men which is about an executive who gets in a room with an advertising agency and pitches them on some ideas, and they say, “I like that one.”

The CEO of Optimizely, Dan Siroker, wrote a book1 where he talks about an age of marketing where decisions were made by the “HIPPO”. “HIPPO ” stands for the “highest-paid person’s opinion.” In the past, the HIPPO was the one who got to make marketing decisions. The assumption was that if you’re the highest-paid person, it’s your opinion about this campaign, creative, or program that is going to deliver results for the company. For decades, it was untrackable.

Enter the new tech-Marketing.

The awesome thing about digital marketing that appeared in the first decade of the 2000s was everything became trackable. I had a website. I could track what was happening on my website. I had an e-commerce store. I could track everything that happened on my e-commerce store. I could place ads on the Internet. I could track exactly what was happening with those ads, who clicked through those ads, and who purchased. That was never possible before. I’m really excited about the technology landscape of marketing. I’m excited about how technology is producing innovation at a pace we’ve never seen before.

The companies which are not data-driven and don’t think about being able to measure every aspect of a campaign or every investment dollar, are the ones who are going to have challenges in the future.

So it's very important for the business to have the right marketing stack that helps to track and measure everything and prioritize the right offering to the right customer at the right time.

When it comes to marketing stack — there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

Each company may have similar goals but their target audience, resources, and budget may greatly vary.

It depends on your business situation which tools can help you take your Sales and Marketing efforts to the next level.

Below are the most important marketing tools you will be needing in order to make your marketing more effective and productive

I use a lot of these tools. Now, here is a mini-guide I put together to show you what the ideal marketing stack looks like

If we take the actual tools out of the picture, and just think about the marketing stack functions and how they work together, relate with each other and share data we get something more like this:

It is important to understand that more than picking the right tool it is about knowing how tools work together to scale and drive efficiency in achieving business objectives.

Learning everyday.everywhere.everytime.